International Tuition + Fees

Concordia Lutheran School’s
2018-19 International Tuition/Fees


FEES (non-refundable):

Application Fee (NEW students only, paid at time of application) – $150

Enrollment Fee  – $500

Activity + Technology Fee (paid by all students) – $400

Athletic Fee – $300

No amount less than one semester’s cost and fees will be accepted at the beginning of the school year.  Thereafter, a student is expected to stay at least one semester ahead on his/her tuition payments throughout the school year.

A payment schedule may be arranged with the Director of Enrollment Services and must be made in writing.  Tuition includes textbooks and laboratory fees.  Note that supplies, which remain property of the student/family, are not included, for example, painting kits and yearbooks, etc.

First Semester tuition is due and payable by August 1 and at least one semester’s payment is due before students may enter classes.  Students must stay at least one semester ahead in tuition payments throughout the school year.