Why Concordia Lutheran Schools?

Distinctive and Affordable Christian Education

bigstudentphotoSince 1899, thousands of families have chosen Concordia Lutheran Schools (CLS). Over the generations families and students have discovered something very unique at CLS:

  • A program that reinforces their family values
  • A school that trains up kids to be selfless not selfish
  • A school that does the job and gets RESULTS – well rounded students ready for high school

Four Big Reasons on “Why CLS?”

class2At CLS our educators are  focused and committed to the mission. For parents and students considering an elementary or middle school, we offer a unique and outstanding private Christian school option. Here are four big reasons why you should choose Concordia Lutheran Schools:

1 Community of Caring

At CLS we have a caring community. When parents and students experience it firsthand, they’re hooked.

Caring Leadership. Our school is led by people who want to share the love of God through the service of education. This is a ministry committed to excellence at every level.

Caring Methodology. We believe children grow best in an environment that is safe and nurturing. That is how our educators impact every child, every day.

Caring Families. We value community. We partner with parents to support our students and build deep, strong relationships with one another.

2 Customized Education

Our focus at CLS is the individual student. Like fingerprints and DNA, every child is made uniquely by the Creator. Our job as educators is to partner with families to explore that design, and develop the strengths of each student. classroom

3 Relevant and Exciting Learning

Education at CLS is dynamic and exciting. Students love to learn here because our teachers use a diverse set of classroom activities and approaches. Our Mac computer lab and integration of iPads and other technologies help facilitate student learning. Our Learning Edge program results in students being excited…achieving, advancing and accelerating!

4 Faith in Action

trackCLS prioritizes the importance of a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.  Our emphasis is faith and action. We encourage students to develop godly character and express their faith in service to others.