Welcome to Concordia Lutheran Schools, Home of the Warriors!

Sheila Larsen, Director of Enrollment Services

On behalf of our school community I would like to welcome you to Concordia Lutheran Schools. Since 1899 our school has been serving children and families in the Tacoma area. I love doing the job of coordinating enrollment services because I am so passionate about what goes on at our school. The atmosphere at CLS, the teachers and the overall community create an environment that is life changing for children.

I know this firsthand because my own daughter attended the school, went on to Mount Rainier Lutheran High School, and then on to a highly successful college experience and professional endeavors. I attribute her success in large part to the education she received at CLS and MRLHS.

Parents often ask me two important questions when they contact me. First, it’s “What is offered here at Concordia Lutheran Schools?” and “What makes it unique?”

kidsWhat Does Concordia Lutheran Schools Offer?

Concordia Lutheran Elementary and Middle School offer a robust academic curriculum that prepares students extremely well for their ongoing education and future lives. These formative years are crucial to establish the rock solid academic foundations. CLS offers students an exciting learning experience that grounds them with outstanding skills in reading, writing, mathematics, science, social studies, and language arts. These academics are strongly joined with fun and developmental activities such as: athletics, fine arts, music and band, choir, etc. Finally, all of this is in the context of a Christ-based approach that emphasizes Christian values and virtue. See our Faith and Values section to learn more.

What Makes Concordia Lutheran Schools Unique?

CLS teachers have an incredible amount of experience in successfully educating children from the earliest years through 8th grade. The teachers and staff have dedicated their lives to the effective education and mentoring of children. We embrace a spirit of ministry at CLS. Every child is our charge. Every family is part of our family. We seek to bless the child and the family in these formative years with an educational experience that is superior.

I’m Here For You!

As the Director of Enrollment Services my job and passion is to serve prospective students and their families. My approach is first to get to know you and your needs and then help you understand what CLS has to offer. Often families come to us with unique questions and challenges. We take the time to understand your situation fully and introduce you to our staff and programs. It would be an honor to serve you, so please contact me via phone or email.

Sheila Larsen

Director of Enrollment Services

Phone: (253) 475-9513