Our Vision

Background of the 20/20 Vision

Over the years, Concordia Lutheran Schools (CLS) and Mount Rainier Lutheran High School (MRLHS) have enjoyed a strong relationship. In fact, MRLHS was created by constituents of CLS to meet a need for an ongoing education once students finished middle school.

In 2015 the boards of the two schools met to explore working in closer alignment. Within the year, a vision for the year 2020 began to form. What drove this fundamentally is the need to reach more families in a more sustainable way. If the school could work and operate more collaboratively, they would be able to leverage their resources and their staff and provide a robust Christian school option for families in the south Puget Sound.


We have come up with a concept drawing to depict what a combined campus might look like and you can see it here.

Here are the components of the 20/20 Vision:

  • One Vision: 5 year strategic plan
  • Common Campus: Both schools operating on one campus
  • Enrollment Growth: Grow enrollment to 400 students
  • Development Dollars: Along with our annual fundraisers, secure $400,000 per year


If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us at info@cls-mrlhs.org or fill out the form below to express interest and to get on our mailing list.