International Tours

2017 MRLHS travels to England, Ireland and Wales!

International tours are educational opportunities for juniors and seniors to travel abroad during Spring Break. Students are accompanied by MRLHS faculty and or administration for a week-long trip. Tours alternate yearly between Europe and South America. Each trip is packed with guided tours to museums and historical landmarks. To learn more about learning abroad, watch this video about the Global Classroom.

MRLHS International Travel Program – Policy / Procedures

Benefits of International Travel:

* Sharpens self-awareness: Gathering firsthand information about the world — seeing different landscapes, experiencing the challenges of certain cultures, listening to the opinions of people in other nations — provides a level of mindfulness that’s often tough to shake. Profound experiences give people a sense of place and purpose, and they establish lifelong values and priorities.

* Enhances perspective: Exposure to the problems and perks of other lifestyles helps people break out of cultural-centric thinking. Having a broad awareness of how other people live and what other cultures prioritize can trigger solutions and ideas that don’t necessarily rely on familiar habits and comforts. 

* Fosters independence:  This enriching experience challenges students to open their minds regarding food, friends and basic needs. After all, it’s tougher to take things for granted in unfamiliar situations.

* Strengthens leadership skills:  Instead of relying on others’ opinions, travelers establish perspective, confidence and conviction that make it easier to gain the respect of others. Plus, international travel, especially with a group or through a program, provides students with a global network of contacts and references.

* Demonstrates courage: Travelling away from the comfort of friends, family and familiar surroundings is tough. But doing it shows that a person is interested enough in the rest of the world, and confident enough in him- or herself to venture out and discover other parts of the world. This is a character trait that’s very appealing to colleges and employers.

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