Faith & Service

Faith and Service Expressions at Mount Rainier Lutheran High School

worshipartsFaith and Service are a core part of all we are and do. In every academic and co-curricular activity, students are encouraged to move and understand those activities from a faith perspective. A Biblical worldview is integrated into every subject and discipline. As a school one of our core values is RELATIONSHIP. We emphasize first and foremost a relationship with Jesus Christ. Our faculty pursue mentoring relationships with our students.

There are three ideas we embrace to make the experience at MRLHS distinctive:

Accessibility to Scripture (Bible Centric)

We help students access and apply the scripture to everyday life.

Interactivity of the Spirit (transparency and repentance and redemption)

Real life. Real issues. Real relationships. In all we do we seek to help students move in real, genuine faith that depends on the work of the Holy Spirit inside of us and in our relationships with others.

Holiness of the Father (Unchanging God/Changing society)

As a core Christian value, we center on faith in Christ and God the Father as our foundation, and embrace His call to go to all the world and make disciples.

Martin Luther’s 95 Theses