Visual Arts

The visual arts are an important part of our curriculum. Below are four of our key courses.

Graphic Arts

Students will learn and utilize the principles of design through a variety of projects including font design, poster design, logo design, illustration, and more. Using these principles we will focus on developing a real world product which will be sold to members of our community. This product is the school yearbook. It is important at all times to keep in mind that, as money is being spent to buy this product, it is not just a classroom exercise and therefore we need to create as professional a product as possible. The yearbook will also focus our learning on marketing and writing skills.


Students will learn hand-building techniques to create three-dimensional art from clay. Students will gain experience in wheel throwing techniques. Students will demonstrate the proper use of the basic techniques of trimming, glazing and decorating a finished work of ceramic art. Students will participate in the study of clay art techniques through readings and written assignments. Students will also join in the study of Art History through slide lectures, readings and written assignments along with the other art classes.


This course will help students become well rounded in the fundamentals of digital photography. Four areas of instruction will be emphasized: How the camera works, basic compositional skills, photographic lighting, and the use of photo editing software. Students will receive basic instruction, demonstration, and see samples of the desired outcomes. Students will be shooting photographs both inside and outside to complete assignments. Instruction will include peer reviews of photographs shot by students which they present to the class.


Art is a visual language developed by every culture throughout history. We learn how to ‘read’ this language from birth as part of our cultural inheritance, though often we do not recognize nor understand the ‘rules’ of the language. In Drawing Class we learn the rules and how we can manipulate them to speak this language more fluently, recognize their cultural context and look at this language through the lens of other cultures and how these cultures have blended with and helped shape ours. 

We begin with the basics of the elements of drawing, explore a variety of mediums. Further Drawing Classes expand on semester one, allowing the student to explore mediums of their choice more in depth, and further explores the principles of ardetailt. Continuing Drawing Classes give the student more freedom to explore their own artistic interests and Advanced Drawing is student directed and allows them to build up their own artistic portfolio.