Music is an integral part of life at Mount Rainier Lutheran High School. Music is integrated into the very fabric of our daily chapel time. We seek to cultivate musical expression and talent through specific courses and co-curricular activities.

ensemble2Contemporary Musicianship                                                                     

Contemporary Musicianship provides opportunities for both experienced and unexperienced musicians to explore the world of music. Course units include music theory, instrumental practicum, songwriting, arranging and song production. Contemporary instruments, including guitar, piano and ukulele are the type of instruments used for this course.

Wind Ensemble

This course welcomes all traditional musicians in the fields of winds and percussion. A core musical ability will be gained through theory study and chamber ensembles.

Vocal Ensemble

Students will be exposed to a wide variety of music from the Baroque to the Modern Eras. Students will be taught vocal technique, sight-singing, rhythm, intonation, projection and enunciation. Members of the vocal ensemble will be expected to attend performances during the school day (school chapels, etc.) and performances outside of the school day: Sunday morning worship services, community events and formal concerts.  choral2