Mount Rainier Lutheran High School is a unique high school in the Tacoma area offering a very special caring community committed to educational excellence. At MRLHS students experience personal attention and mentoring, outstanding college preparatory academics, holistic discipleship, and overall an exciting and dynamic school experience. This RESULTS in an 96% rate of students going on to college.

Below we break down our 4 “R’s”. These are the keys to the educational experience at MRLHS.


Our goal is making sure that every student knows how deeply they are loved by God. This relationship with Jesus Christ is at the core of all we say and do at MRLHS. It allows everyone in our community to encourage, challenge, serve, and care for each person here.


The world in which we live is changing faster than we can understand it.  You, students, understand more about this dynamic process than many. You are essential not simply as students, but rather as fellow learners who can ask questions from alternate perspectives.  You are as much responsible for the subject matter of any given class as the faculty member leading it. You have the power to influence the learning environment by the questions, concerns, and ideas you share.  As we observe, comprehend, and discuss our individual and shared experiences we are better
able to serve our community and world with purpose.


When we care deeply about people and/or issues that impact our lives, something changes.  We tend to invest more energy and time. We want our students to care about and invest in their education. Our commitment to you and your family is that we, the staff and faculty of Mount Rainier Lutheran High School will honor you, ourselves, and our God by providing students with the most challenging, engaging, and enriching curriculum we are able to provide.


Because of our incorporation of relationships, relevant learning and academic rigor, our faculty and students see results. We have a 100 % graduation rate. In 2016-17, 96% of our students went on to higher education. We have a variety of others that go straight into the workforce or go on to do mission work. Our goal is for our students to be equipped in their educational and spiritual journeys to be servant leaders in a global society wherever life takes them.


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