Online Options

Technology plays an integral role in the process of education.  Its use in the classroom is essential for understanding our world and how it functions as well as how it is changing at a more rapid rate all the time.

Students comfortable with the use of technology possess an important skill to not only navigate our changing educational system, are better prepared for job opportunities of the future.

MRLHS strives to make use of the educational advantages technology provides not only in classroom instruction, but also by allowing students access to opportunities our faculty and schedule cannot immediately provide.  These opportunities come mainly in the form of online course work.

Online access allows our students to dig more deeply into subjects of personal interest or explore new subject areas where little or no previous experience has been available.  In any case, students ultimately gain insight and direction to better own a plan for their higher education.

Students not following a traditional track of course work within our curriculum also benefit greatly.  The ability to take classes not available due to scheduling conflicts allows students to accomplish many goals such as timely graduation, personal enrichment, and a “jump start” to college course work.

Partner Institutions currently providing online courses:

Partner Agency: Red Comet Orange Lutheran Grand Canyon
Type of Credit: High School High School College
Type of Courses: Core & Elective Core & Elective General Ed & Elective
*Cost per Course: None $425 $295


*  Listed costs are estimated by either number of students enrolled and/or yearly changes in tuition by individual institutions.

Note:  Although online courses can be taken for dual enrollment credit, most often these classes are offered for only high school credit and, as such, effect the student’s GPA in the same way as traditional classes.