towerAcademics at Mount Rainier Lutheran High School

At MRLHS, we move beyond the foundations of education to prepare students for the vocation God is calling them to fulfill. We are committed to encouraging, engaging, and challenging every one of our students. Our goal is to help students discover God’s unique design for their lives. We then customize our approach to their education to support those purposes.

cocurric_musicCo-Curricular: Our Unique Emphasis

At MRLHS we encourage all of our students to try new things. We do not see outside activities such as sports, music and arts as “extra,” we see them as central. We encourage students to take risks. Our supportive culture empowers students to be bold and to excel.

Our Curriculum Approach

speakingMount Rainier Lutheran High School offers a unique college preparatory curriculum in the context of a community of faith and caring. We believe the essence of education is a strong RELATIONSHIP where students can be challenged, encouraged and supported.

Building on our Seven Concepts of Lutheran education, we seek to remain RELEVANT and prepare students to thrive upon graduation.

The academic RIGOR of our curriculum is dynamic, distinctive, and customized. Constantly incorporating fresh ways of teaching and learning.


Graduation & Preparation!

MRLHS offers something extraordinary: RESULTS.  Providing a community that cares about individual students and their families, coupled with teaching excellence, students have an experience that helps them mature and thrive in life.